Phantom of the Opera Standard Poodles
Phantom of the Opera
Parti Standard Poodles


Gerard Butler the Maestro

Christine Daae the Soprano

Meg Giry the Ballerina

Carlotta the Diva

Raoul de Chagney

My name is Rosemary Gusman and I have to tell you the truth. I LOVE POODLES. I married my husband Joseph Gusman right after graduating high school. Joseph joined the Air Force and we settled in Riverside during his tour of duty. I acquired my first miniature poodle at 20 years of age. I bred miniatures and toy poodles off and on while raising my two children. Poodles had always been my 1st choice. They bring such love, affection and loyalty to a family.

We have loved all our pets and have had many. I finally bought my first black Standard Poodle in the late 90’s, we called him Beauregard. What a joy!!! He was such a loyal, intelligent and beautiful boy. I cannot tell you how much fun our lives were with him. He was truly our champion and he was a gorgeous Standard Poodle. He was our boy for 15 years and when he passed, we had no other choice than to mourn our loss of this beautiful soul.

Well to tell you the truth, when you have had one Standard Poodle, you cannot get enough. A few months after our loss, we bought our first white & brown Standard Parti Poodle. We named him Gerard Butler from the Phantom movie because he has a brown mask on half of his face, he is so beautiful.

We bought our 2nd white & silver Standard Parti Poodle a couple of months later. I named her Christine Daae the soprano Ingénue, from the Phantom movie. She has been such a sweet, intelligent and beautiful girl. Again, these fabulous Standard Parti Poodles have made our home complete. Our poodles are totally treated just like part of the family. They are indoor poodles and are so well behaved.

We have one male, Gerard Butler and three girls named, Christine Daae, Carlotta the Diva, and Meg Giry the Ballerina. As you can see, we loved the Phantom of the Opera movie.

All of our Standard Poodles have excellent conformation and bloodline. The health of our poodles is very important to us. They all have a gentle, intelligent & a loving temperament, Gerard Butler & Christine Daae are Certified Service Dogs. Carlotta the Diva and Meg Giry the Ballerina will be trained as Therapy Dogs and will visit the Veterans Hospital within next year. We enjoy the obedience training part of raising our Poodles. It is hard work but well worth it.

Our puppies are well socialized on a daily basis. We will be on the lookout for their individual temperament so their new home can be an excellent choice for them and for their new owner. Poodles love obedience training, love water sports, love agility & just love hanging out with you.

We live in the hills of Redlands California. Redlands is a quaint little town 50 miles from Los Angeles & about 38 from Palm Springs. The city of Redlands has many historical sites, buildings and beautiful historical homes, which are well taken care of.

Since Gerard and Christine have been trained as service dogs & Carlotta & Meg Giry are being trained for Therapy Dogs they travel everywhere with us and of course we love that. If you decide you would like one of our precious babies, please call Rosemary or Joseph and we would be happy to talk to you about them. We love anyone who loves Standard Parti Poodles and can’t wait to help you with any questions you may have.

Rosemary & Joseph

Rosemary, Joseph & Suzette in 1963

Rosemary & Suzette in 1964

Son Larry with Suzette & toy poodle, Tinker in 1968

Daughter Kathy with Ming Ling in 1982

Daughter Kathy with Benjina, Ming Ling and Shamma the dobie in 1983

Joseph & Beauregard in 1999


Rosemary & Joseph Gusman
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